A unique experiential digital development programme

Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised World provides international business leaders and trade policy experts with the technical knowledge and advanced complex and adaptive thinking capabilities required to succeed in today’s global business environment.

The coalition of organisations believes that there will be a strong demand for the adaptive leadership programme in the wake of what is happening around the world and the impact on global value chains moving forward.

The full proposed program will not be able to be delivered in 2020 due to travel restrictions which may continue throughout this year in some shape or form, and because organisations will be shifting budgets that would make the full programme too expensive.

Following advice from the business community, we have developed an intensive online version of the program to help business leaders cultivate the true agility global organisations require to successfully navigate the unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty resulting from COVID-19.


“A unique online educational experience designed to equip mid-senior business leaders with the technical trade knowledge and advanced complex and adaptive thinking capabilities required to succeed in today’s global business environment”


Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World (Online) is designed to equip mid-senior managers from across the globe with a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership, as well as the key skills and trade knowledge required to transform their leadership effectiveness, problem solving skills, and understanding of key trade issues in order to prepare them for a successful future in today’s global business environment.

This trade leadership program is held over a four month period to provide leaders with the opportunity to instill and apply the lessons learned to their organisational context.

During this time participants will engage in deep experiential learning and remain closely connected to the program through a combination of:

  • Access to a custom designed online learning platform, accessible from your computer, tablet or smart phone, where you can access learning materials (e.g. videos, articles, interactive activities and links), interact with program facilitators and peers, and engage in a combination of flexible and structured online learning activities and obtain feedback;
  • Virtual experiential learning modules and workshops, which enable participants to work around their busy schedules whilst also providing structured opportunities for meaningful interaction with facilitators and peers;
  • Tools, frameworks, and practices proven to help participants effectively address workplace challenges and enhance their capacity to lead and influence global teams;
  • Online, simulated global business cases which provide participants with the opportunity to explore and address major challenges facing global businesses, and to apply their learning to create sustainable change;
  • Discussions and networking opportunities with leading experts from government and the private sector; and
  • Purposeful interactions with peers outside the virtual classroom.

Delivered in collaboration with world-leading online education designer, Practera, participants in the Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World (Online) will engage in a highly experiential online educational offering which fully exploits the latest cutting-edge developments in online education design and pedagogy.

Today’s leaders operate in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment in which change occurs at an unprecedented speed and magnitude. The future is uncertain, and problems often transcend the boundaries of single organisations or professions. Leaders have always stood ready to help bridge the divide between an untenable present and an uncertain future, and today the need for leaders with the skills and confidence to chart a path for their organisations into a future that is increasingly information-rich but certainty-poor is stronger than ever before.


Participants will leave the program with a deep understanding of the nature of leadership and key trade and value chain issues, enabling them to connect problems and empower individuals to drive results. They will crystallize their organisational purpose and gain the ability to routinely view situations from multiple perspectives, allowing them to better observe the actions, behaviours and patterns of others, as well as themselves.

Through understanding the key barriers to personal and organisational success, and the motivating factors that underlie these, participants will gain insights into effective organisational and interpersonal dynamics to ensure successful execution of strategy in their international businesses.

At the conclusion of this three month program, participants will have covered the following key trade and leadership topics:

Module 1: Leading in a Globalised World

Module 2: Trade Policy as a Strategic Business Function

Module 3: Leading Self in Complexity

Module 4: Global value chains (GVCs) resilience and integrity

Module 5: Leading Others in Complexity

Module 6: Geopolitics and the Weaponisation of Trade

Module 7: Leading Organisations in Complexity

Module 8: Digital Transformation and the Future of Work


A large component to the delivery will be driven through a simulation case study which allows participants an engaging online, virtual case study module with real feedback to cover all subject verticals will be a key ‘introductory’ feature of the program.

These case studies will use contemporary, real life like scenarios to apply practical skills and knowledge. Includes online webinar delivery/ mentoring throughout the duration of the programme to apply knowledge. Teams can be organised globally.


The program’s international aspect, and designed interaction with those in leadership roles within multinational organisations from across the globe is intended to instill and enhance the new perspectives needed to address increasingly complex issues, and to provide participants with the opportunity to grow their global business networks.

Most leaders who have studied in international cohorts report that the experience increased their self-confidence, enabled them to better tolerate ambiguity and enhanced their ability to view the world and its issues from multiple perspectives.


Participants will receive ISO/IEC 17024 certification as a global trade professional as well as qualify for participation in the Seven Summits Challenge (SSTC). The SSTC provides the ultimate career pathway for global trade and supply chain professionals to continue to grow through a combination of strategy, theory, technical trade skills and trade policy knowledge, ensuring that individuals and organisations are equipped to conduct profitable global trade as well as provide a pathway for trade policy experts to gain knowledge and skills to understand what it is like to be in the shoes of a global business. For further information please visit www.gtpalliance.com


The Institute for International Trade

The University of Adelaide SA 5005 Australia

TELEPHONE: +68 8313 6944

WEBSITE: adelaide.edu.au/iit

Global Trade Professionals Alliance

EMAIL: info@gtpalliance.com

WEBSITE: gtpalliance.com


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