Food Fraud: Integrity, Traceability Technologies & Regulatory Opportunities

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This event has now ended.

This FoodLegal Symposium focuses on the importance of new traceability protection technologies, databases and regulatory frameworks to protect brand and product integrity and the need to implement countermeasures for food fraud; as well as the opportunities to use similar technologies to create an exciting brand story and enhanced brand reputation.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • B2B supply chain integrity
  • New traceability technologies and opportunities
  • Asset identification technologies
  • Brand protection and product integrity for exporters to China, from leading experts
  • Developing databases and intelligence networks in food protection forensics
  • Food fraud and successful legal enforcement choices in China
  • Blockchain options, how Blockchain fits in food supply integrity and traceability
  • Intellectual property opportunities in provenance and origin certifications
  • Countermeasures and preemptory audits
  • Regulatory opportunities in Australia
  • Presented by:Joe Lederman,FoodLegal, Managing Principal at FoodLegal
  • Professor Claude Roux, UTS Centre for Forensic Science, Professor of Forensic Science and Founding Director of the UTS Centre for Forensic Science, Sydney
  • Karen Constable, Food Fraud Advisors, Principal Consultant at Food Fraud Advisors, Sydney
  • David Bennett, Australian Embassy, IP Australia's Counsellor to the Australian Embassy in Beijing, China
  • Sandon Adams, Oritain, Business Development Manager at Oritain Global Ltd, Australia
  • Temogen Hield, DataDot Technology, CEO at DataDot Technology Ltd
  • Vadim Mishin, AUTB-YUTO, Deputy GM at AUTB-YUTO Pty Ltd
  • David Bartnik, InnovaStrat Australia, Principal at InnovaStrat Australia

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