GTPA is built on a model that promotes inclusiveness and recognises the many delivery mechanisms for trade capability development, education and professional development services globally.

GTPA has developed the only international standard for certifying trade professionals. The Global Trade Professional (GTP) Programme, has been developed under ISO/IEC 17024, for the certification of professional competence in the various global trade disciplines.
Joining the GTPA and becoming an Approved Education Provider will provide your organisation the opportunity to be a recognised pathway for individuals to demonstrate their professional trade competencies as well as a platform to promote your institution as part of a globally recognised alliance.


When you join the GTPA we become partners, working with you to support global trade advancement and you will benefit from:
  • Internationally recognised approval as a GTPA Approved Education Provider under ISO/IEC 17024
  • Access to a trusted global network to promote your courses
  • Promotion of your brand as a global expert in trade education and services
  • Global connections.
Applications for Approved Education Provider status is open to all education providers that provide courses and skills development programs across the following domain specialisations:
  • Trade Management
  • Trade Regulation and Compliance
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Market Development
  • Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance
  • Trade Research and Economics
  • Trade Policy
  • Trade Law
  • Sustainable Trade, Development and Inclusiveness
  • Innovation Exchange
Certification of individuals under the GTPA Programme is available at the following levels:
  • Practitioner (GTP)
  • Manager (GTM)
  • Executive (GTE)
Additionally, there is a non-certified Foundation (F) level of recognition for persons who wish to progress to GTP, GTM or GTE certification levels.
The diversity of the GTP Programme provides an opportunity for providers of education across all levels from tertiary qualifications at the undergraduate, postgraduate levels as well as providers that deliver short courses and online courses.
A GTP candidate who has completed an approved course that meets the relevant competency standards and who applies for GTP certification will be eligible for:
  1. Discounted rate to apply for GTP Certification/ GTPA membership: an individual who completes an approved course that meets the relevant GTP competency standard will be entitled to a $350 discount on the GTP certification cost and GTPA membership.
  2. Fast track application process: individuals who demonstrate they meet the GTP competency standard by completing an approved course will have their GTP certifications fast tracked.
Approved Providers will be able to leverage both the price reduction and fast track approval process to in promoting their courses to potential students. 


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