The responsibilities of an Approved Provider are to:

  • gain approval for relevant training and education courses under the GTP Programme rules
  • provide training and education services
  • comply with the GTP Programme rules and notify GTPA on the delivery of approved courses, participants, graduates, and student feedback both positive and negative
  • ensure training and educational services are undertaken in a professional and impartial manner including the use of competent staff and ensuring that the services are not promoted in any way that creates a conflict of interest, raises false expectations, or has a detrimental impact on the necessary separation and impartiality of any subsequent certification activity
  • ensure course are continually reviewed to meet the GTP Programme or certification requirements
  • maintain finances, reserves and insurances to ensure the ongoing delivery of training and education services and cover liabilities arising from their administration and operation as a GTPA Approved Education Provider
  • manage information and communications, provide notices and maintain confidentiality in accordance with the GTP Programme rules.

Application process

Organisations that provide educational and continuing professional development courses and wish those courses to be recognised by GTPA should apply to become a GTPA Approved Education Provider.

Once the Applicant has read and understood the documentation and wishes to continue with this application they should complete an Approved Provider Application Form that can be downloaded clicking the button below or by emailing


Please submit the completed form, all required documentation and supporting evidence.

Once the application has been received by GTPA it will be reviewed and GTPA may ask questions and seek further information.

Once the application is fully completed and accepted, GTPA will notify you and the application will be further assessed through an internal audit process.


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