If you provide educational services at the tertiary level (graduate/ postgraduate), short courses both online and offline across any of the below competency areas than we want to hear from you!

  • Global business environment and international trade economics
  • Strategic planning
  • Overview of international business
  • Leadership in trade strategy
  • Understanding value and pricing
  • International market research
  • International marketing and sales
  • E-commerce, internet selling and technology in trade
  • Logistics
  • Global value chains (GVCs) and international supply chains
  • Import/export operations (general)
  • Non-tariff barriers (NTBs) and technical barriers to trade (TBTs)
  • Trade law basics and regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property (IP) management
  • Cultural and business practises
  • Trade in services
  • Building diversity in trade
  • Risk management and control
  • Risk leadership and governance
  • Trade finance
  • Trade facilitation
  • Advanced documentary credits and collections
  • Advanced supply chain finance
  • Currency, foreign exchange and reparation of funds
  • Digital trade finance and fintech
  • Documentary credits and collections
  • Financial management for international business
  • Foreign investment
  • Global trade policy development
  • Government procurement
  • Import/export operations (documentation)
  • International HR
  • Trade controls and regulatory compliance specialist
  • Trade diplomacy (including LDC trade principles)
  • Trade finance and capital risks (including fraud, currency and reputational risks)
  • Trade finance for business
  • Trade finance law
  • Trade policy
  • Trade promotion


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Our goal is to bring people together to:

  • build professional capabilities in trade
  • elevate the profile of trade
  • advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • facilitate networking
  • improve the performance and success of companies in global trade
  • boost the efficiency of trade processes.



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