GTPA CPD Guidelines

GTPA CPD Guidelines

These Guidelines outline the GTPA policy for continuing professional development (CPD) that a certified global trade professional (GTPs) must undertake and demonstrate to maintain GTP certification. The Guidelines have been prepared and are updated based upon feedback from the International Technical and Advisory Committee.

The GTP Programme is based on the internationally accepted requirements for person certification under ISO/IEC 17024, and has been designed to address the need for a global program that recognises and certifies global trade professionals across national boundaries.
The Programme facilitates the recognition of competent global trade professionals and provides a basis for trust amongst those engaged in global trade.

The increasing rate of change in both the trade environment but also the work/ employment environment drives the ongoing requirement for CPD.

CPD provides a basis for you as a global trade professional to continually update your capabilities to ensure your skills and knowledge remain relevant to meet the ever-changing world, changing workplace and changing mindset of individuals.
A challenge for you as a GTP is maintaining the currency and relevance of your competencies in this ever-changing environment.

As the nature of the world of commerce, trade and employment change there is a growing need for skills and competence transferability. The challenge for you as a GTP is not just maintaining the relevance of your competencies but also to broaden your competencies, focus and career growth.

CPD provides globally recognised pathways for learning, skills development and professional growth.

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