GTPA Membership

GTPA Membership

GTPA is the only organisation globally to develop the international standard for certifying trade professionals. The Global Trade Professional (GTP) Programme, has been developed under ISO/IEC 17024, for the certification of professional competence in the field of global trade.

Membership of the GTPA is open to all trade professionals from students to senior executives; a wide spectrum of organisations including micro, small, medium, large or multi-national business; peak industry bodies; chambers of commerce; trade education providers and government agencies.

Members will be part of a global alliance that in turn will:

  • advance international development
  • support the development of MSMEs and their access to global supply chains
  • empower greater diversity women-owned engagement in trade.

When you join the GTPA we become partners, working with you to support global trade advancement and you will benefit from:

  • Growth in skills and knowledge
  • Internationally recognised certification
  • Career progression
  • Promotion of your capabilities as a global expert in trade
  • Expanding your employment opportunities
  • Global connections
  • Access to a trusted network for sourcing employees

It is not compulsory to be a certified Global Trade Professional (GTP) to be a member of the GTPA, however it is compulsory for all certified GTPs to maintain their annual membership status.

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Our goal is to bring people together to:

  • build professional capabilities in trade
  • elevate the profile of trade
  • advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • facilitate networking
  • improve the performance and success of companies in global trade
  • boost the efficiency of trade processes.


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