Preparing Peruvian Creative Services companies for maximising business opportunities in Australia

Preparing Peruvian Creative Services companies for maximising business opportunities in Australia

  • Are you a local Peruvian creatives services business looking to expand into new overseas markets and diversify away from traditional markets?
  • Do you wish to learn about international trade and how you might be able to embark on the pathway of growing your business into Australia and beyond?
  • Do you wish to receive one on business matching and consulting support to target expanding your business in the Australian market?

Why Australia and Peru?

Australia has one of the most sophisticated arts and creative sectors in the world and an international reputation for designing, building and successfully managing world-leading cultural institutions.

The internationally respected Australian film and free-to-air television industries alone are worth over AU$6 billion annually, with around 50,000 fulltime equivalent jobs in the sector.

Add to this the sophisticated games industry (which was worth close to AU$120 million in 2016/17), a world class software development sector, and significant markets in music, design and the performing arts, and you have many excellent reasons for Peruvian companies to look to Australia as a potential new market for creative services.

Australia has entered its 27th year of uninterrupted annual growth since 1990–91, an achievement unequalled by any other developed economy.

With a Free Trade Agreement signed between Australia and Peru earlier this year, a growing network of Free Trade Agreements in the region, and fast-growing Australian links into the Indo-Pacific region, now is the perfect time for Peruvian companies to look at the opportunities available to them in Australia.

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