Seven Summits Graduate Executive Programme

Seven Summits Graduate Executive Programme

Why is investing in skills development and competency important for trade professionals?

The increasing rate of change in both the trade environment and the work/employment environment drives the ongoing requirement for individuals to maintain their existing skills as well as expand their technical competencies and soft skills.

A challenge for all organisations in trade is maintaining the currency and relevance of their internal staff’s competencies in this ever-changing environment.

Organisations must be confident that they have staff that are acknowledged as a global trade professional and that they continually update their capabilities to ensure their skills and knowledge remain relevant to meet the requirements of their employers, clients, regulators and other stakeholders.

GTPA Graduate Executive Programme for leaders in global trade

The GTPA Graduate Executive Programme for trade professionals provides the gold standard in terms of developing the right skills and competencies for individuals and institutions in the professional practice of trade-related disciplines.

Upskilled trade professionals will, in turn, strengthen the health, sustainability and growth of supporting sounds trade policy development in least developing countries.

The GTPA Graduate Executive Programme is specifically tailored for professionals outlined in the below table and provides further opportunities for developing their understanding of the broader global business landscape and commercial trade management.


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