Course - Procurement Leadership -Selling the Value Proposition Within Your Organization


This one-of-a-kind executive development program provides high-potential procurement leaders with the tools and strategies needed to make dramatic improvements to their organization’s procurement practices in the digital age.

We are in a disruptive world where the rules used to guide business, government and society are being severely stressed. This is causing many to question current practices and look to new opportunities for adding value to their stakeholders – whether for profit or the greater good.

Through a combination of highly-engaging discussions, assessments, participant presentations, case studies and keynote speakers, this program teaches modern procurement strategies and frameworks, as well as how to assess current conditions for the purpose of choosing and implementing a strategy that will provide participants with the greatest potential for added economic value and competitive advantage.


Areas of focus

In many circles, valuable changes are being framed as ‘innovation’, with many organizations seeing this is the pathway to future success. However, having or securing the idea is only the first step. Translating an idea into reality requires a whole process of adoption and change, which most organizations fail to deliver.

To address these challenges, this program focuses on two key areas:

-Procurement and supply chain: Many of the most transformational innovations have come from collaboration between leading organizations, putting procurement and supply chain at the center of future business success.
-Leadership: At the center of all great endeavors are great leaders. Underpinning this are two roles as defined by W. Edwards Deming:
   -Making sure the work gets done. (Maintaining the right to exist.)
   -Improving the way the work is done. (Doing more than the science of management says is possible – Gen. Colin Powell)

This is an interactive program aimed at senior practitioners with a need to deliver significant improvements to their organizations. Based on Kotter’s 8-Stage Change Model, the program focuses on situational and self-evaluation leading to discussions that result in insights and ideas for improvement. Delegates will present their ideas in plenary each day, receiving feedback from their peers and learning from visiting experts in their respective fields.



Course - Procurement Leadership -Selling the Value Proposition Within Your Organization
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