The best of ‘frenemies’: How can banks and technology firms cooperate in the world of fintech and transaction banking?

The GTPA is delighted to be moderating this session as part of GTR Singapore 2019. This session will bring various experts together to discuss the latest in how banks and technology firms can better co-exist in an increasingly digitalised market.

  • What are banks looking for in a tradetech?
  • What is their approach to co-creation and how do they see digitalisation affecting their business?
  • What are corporates and traders looking for in terms of solutions?
  • Where are the best opportunities for investors and what considerations should they make before committing their money?

We shall try to find out!

Moderator: Lisa McAuley, Chief Executive Officer, Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA)

Panel members:

  • Jasmine Ng, CEO, Fintech,
  • Razer Yvonne Zhang, Head of Product & Partnerships, Hevea Connect
  • Jordane Rollin, Global Head of Digital Transformation, Trade Finance, Standard Chartered
  • Sumit Roy, Founder, President & CMO, TradeAssets

Session time: Wednesday 4th September from 9.30am- 10.30am in Singapore

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