Understanding the Benefits of FTAs


Start Date: RSVP: 22 March 2019 Time: 08.30am — 05.30pm
Seating Available: Location: SBF Center Seminar Rooms (Level 6), Singapore



Companies that operate in Singapore stand to benefit greatly from our extensive network of more than 20 bilateral and regional FTAs/EPAs with more than 30 trading partners. The FTAs give companies more prospects to expand their businesses into key overseas markets and gain competitive edge to improve profitability.

This workshop aims to help you have a better appreciation of the opportunities unlocked by Singapore’s FTA Singapore’s FTAs. network.

Workshop Highlights:

*Know if your interest markets are Singapore’s FTA partners for easier and better market access
*Understand basic concepts of various FTA elements and how these can benefit your business; and
*Learn practical insights on how your business can gain competitive edge to improve profitability through Singapore’s FTA.

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Understanding the Benefits of FTAs
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Our goal is to bring people together to:

  • build professional capabilities in trade
  • elevate the profile of trade
  • advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • facilitate networking
  • improve the performance and success of companies in global trade
  • boost the efficiency of trade processes.


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