As part of the requirement for an individual to maintain their certification status under ISO/IEC 17034 it is important that a GTP maintain their Continued Professional Development (CPD).

The GTPA encourages GTP to leverage existing providers globally as recognised pathways to maintain learning, skills development, and professional growth. GTPA is an umbrella organisation connecting ecosystems to existing providers and GTPA is happy to promote providers of trade related short courses, online courses, events, publications, research, conferences, online tools and trade policy reports to our global network to provide practical solutions for individuals looking for activity to maintain their CPD.

Organisations that have the potential to deliver solutions that can assist a GTP to maintain their ongoing professional development should contact GTPA to enquire about advertising fees for promotion via our website or to obtain a corporate sponsor pack which will provide you with a year long opportunity to partner with the GTPA as a marketing mechanism.

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