The GTPA continuing professional development (CPD) will validate the currency of Global Trade Professional (GTP) certification and provide a global framework and methodology to drive best practice, continuous professional development and learning that you can benefits from.

The GTPA CPD programme has been designed to:

  • Provide an easier navigation along the path of competency maintenance and improvement.   
  • Enable GTPs to map your career development, broaden your skills and areas of competence.
  • Support GTPs to keep abreast of changes in the global trade environment, across a changing world, changing workplaces and changing mindset of individuals.
  • Drive best practice in international trade and continuous competency improvement.
  • Contribute to the productivity and sustainability of GTPs by ensuring currency of knowledge and the capability to deliver a broader range of skills, competencies and market understanding.
  • Assist GTPs to assess your current capability, capability gaps and readiness to engage in the global trade environment.

The GTPA has designed the CPD framework so that you can benefit from the following outcomes:

  • A practical, easy to engage process to maintain up to date knowledge, global insight and improve professional competencies that reflects your career maturity.
  • Identify key areas for professional development and linkages to providers of professional development.
  • Diversity of activities to enhance learning and competency development.
  • Assist you to prioritise key areas of capability development.
  • Create a pathway for you to benefit from greater transferability of skills to improve employment opportunities.


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Our goal is to bring people together to:

  • build professional capabilities in trade
  • elevate the profile of trade
  • advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • facilitate networking
  • improve the performance and success of companies in global trade
  • boost the efficiency of trade processes.


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