Powering MSMEs to grow internationally via online channels

Our vision

  • Enable MSMEs to grow via eCommerce and online sales channels
  • Build MSME capabilities to improve performance and success via eCommerce
  • Advocate the benefits and opportunities for international expansion via new online channels and facilitate a safe environment to support eCommerce success around the world

Our approach

Working together with industry associations, chambers of commerce and government organisations, we provide innovative solutions to assist businesses in preparing for online success.

Our objective

Increase the success of MSMEs, particularly women owned businesses, and support their expansion into new global markets through eCommerce and online channels.

Empowering globally trading businesses to grow through eCommerce and Online Sales Channels 

eCommerce Readiness Assessment

MSMEs can conduct a rapid self-assessment and benchmarking against peers. This will allow MSMEs and the organisations working with them to plot the best course of action to improve their business opportunities via eCommerce and Online Sales Channels. 

eCommerce Global Expansion Strategy Development 

MSMEs can input their current export strategy or domestic plan to assist in the development of an eCommerce/ Online Sales specific global expansion strategy and plan. Including the ability to identify challenges and opportunities for growing online and via eCommerce. MSMEs will receive a fully reviewed and customised eCommerce business strategy and plan.

ISO/ IEC Certification: internationally recognised certification as a eCommerce global business

  • Applies to the globally recognised ISO/IEC 17065 certification, supporting a differentiated international status as a trusted and verified business
  • Profiles businesses as part of a globally trusted ecosystem
  • Facilitates audits and compliance review of globally trading businesses
  • Links to AEO schemes and other ISO standards and compliance regulations

Safe.Shop Accreditation: Without Trust, there is no Trade

Participants will be able to apply for the Safe.Shop mark. Safe.Shop is a mark that can be displayed when online businesses have met the standards associated with a global code of conduct. Once participants have completed their eCommerce readiness assessment, they are more likely to meet the Safe.Shop criteria.




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