The GTPA partners with organisations to develop Executive Training Programmes at their request or by mutual agreement. The GTPA will only deliver executive training programmes in collaboration with education institutes, government bodies or industry associations.

The GTPA will tailor an executive training package to suit the requirements of our partners, either tailored to the country or industry specific requirements.

GTPA's exclusive programmes provide the gold standard in skill and competency development for individuals and institutions in the professional practice of trade-related disciplines.

The executive training programmes are developed to also provide pathways for ISO 17024 certification for trade professionals and ISO 17065 certification for Global Trading Businesses and Global Consulting Services and will form part of the GTPA's Seven Summit Challenge for global trade and supply chain professionals in 2019.

Doing business globally and maintaining a competitive edge requires the development of new skills and knowledge.  

GTPA will work with organisations to develop programmes that provide a balance of practical skills for international trade and the international trade policy knowledge needed to be successful on the global stage.

Our programmes provides a combination of strategy, theory, technical trade skills and trade policy knowledge, ensuring that organisation are equipped to conduct profitable global trade.

Programme outcomes include:  

  • Participation in the executive programme with access to global experts in international trade and supply chain management and one-on-one tailored support throughout the programme with global experts 
  • Workshop booklets/ case studies/ tools materials
  • A summary report for companies to use for internal reviews
  • Subsidised access to complete ISO/IEC 17024 certification for all attendees
  • Subsidised access to apply for ISO/IEC 17065 certification for all businesses
If you are interested in engaging with the GTPA and our network please complete the below enquiry form and also select the competency modules you would be interested in as part of any programme. The GTPA will either put you in touch with the right educational provider to assist you with your needs or we can work with our educational partners to develop a tailored programme:

* Required

Global business environment and international trade economics
Overview of international business
Cultural and business practises
Trade law basics and regulatory compliance
Leadership in trade strategy
Risk leadership and governance
Building diversity in trade
Strategic planning
Risk management and control
International market research
Financial management for international business
Understanding value and pricing
Import/export operations (general)
Internet selling and technology in trade
International human resource management
Global value chains (GVCs) and international supply chains
Trade in services
International marketing and sales
Foreign investment
Trade finance and capital risks
Foreign exchange and reparation of funds
Documentary credits and collections
Digital trade finance and fintech
Advanced documentary credits and collections
Advanced supply chain finance
Trade finance regulation
Trade diplomacy
Non-tariff barriers (NTBs) and technical barriers to trade (TBTs)
Trade facilitation
Trade promotion
Government procurement
Global trade policy development
Strategic security
Economic development
Trade controls and regulatory compliance
Customs operations and border security
Import/export processes
International freight
Exit and entry clearance
Customs law
Marine and air shipping
International trade law
International commercial contracts
Intellectual property (IP) management
Trade data and statistics
Trade negotiations
Government services in trade
Trade in the Digital World
Leadership in trade strategy
Structural regulatory compliance reform
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