The GTPA has established a Young Trade Professionals working committee to champion the GTPA globally and contribute to the validation and growth of the body of knowledge in the Global Trade Professionals Programme. The committee will provide advice to the ITAC to engage and support young trade professionals and their professional skills, by facilitating networking and to maximise benefits as a member of GTPA and a certified Global Trade Professional (GTP).

This working committee will provide advice to GTPA on engagement with young professionals in global trade to facilitate their development and leadership growth.

Role of the Young Trade Professionals working committee:

  • Input into the competency standards related to the domain specialisation across GTPA to consider the requirements of young trade professionals.
  • Discuss areas for collaboration with other young professional committees including educational institutions and potential partners for delivery of ongoing professional development related to your trade professionals.
  • Act as an advocate to encourage young trade professionals to undertake the GTP programme.
  • Advise ITAC on the global trends impacting on young trade professionals engaging in global trade.
  • Expand GTPA youth membership and helping new members integrate into the GTP programme.
  • Maintain GTPA’s Young Trade Professionals social networking sites.
  • Liaise with other young trade professional group globally to identify opportunities to collaborate.
  • Develop working plans and strategic goals for the Young Trade Professional working committee.
  • Develop working plans to mentor graduates in related trade professions to engage in the GTP programme.
  • Monitor, advise on and help integrate emerging technologies and modes of engagement, including digital commerce and trade.
  • Assist in creating linkage to academic institutions and promotion of trade as a core topic in colleges and universities.
  • Engage in assisting GTPA to develop a programme for mentoring to high school students

If you are interested in engaging with the Young Trade Professionals working committee please contact the Chair, Ms Stacey Mills-Smith at:




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