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​APEC Global Supply Chains Resiliency Survey - Key Highlights

This report summarizes the key trends from the APEC Global Supply Chains Resiliency Survey, which surveyed large businesses, SMEs and industry & government organisations.
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​APEC Global Supply Chains Resiliency Survey (Industry and Government)

The top three areas of support of most importance to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic included expert advice, policy advocacy and technical assistance.
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​APEC Global Supply Chains Resiliency Survey (Large Business Survey)

In conclusion we put forward four critical policy recommendations from the data collected in this survey that APEC members could address going forward into 2021 to support large...
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​APEC Global Supply chains Resiliency Survey (SMEs)

Support SMEs to participate in eCommerce and global supply chains through direct engagement that lead to embracing new opportunities created by the digital economy.
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  • Covid-19 presents the most significant impact on supply chains in recent memory
  • It is also an opportune moment for businesses to examine their supply chains
  • Introduce measures to increase their resiliency
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