The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) Programme offers independent certification of the competence of individuals that are involved in international trade.

GTP certification is based on the candidate demonstrating the fulfilment of a minimum number competence standards.

The GTPA Programme fulfils the relevant requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons which is the recognised international standard for the certification of persons.


Individuals that are GTP certified will be able to undertake their trade related responsibilities in a competent and effective manner.

Successful demonstration that Certification Requirements are fulfilled results in the granting of certification, permission to use the post nominals ‘GTP’, ‘GTM’ or ‘GTE’, and promotion of that individual as being competent within their scope of certification.

Scope of the Programme

The GTPA Programme is for the certification of individuals as being competent in various functions that support international trade. These functions include:export/import business administration, executive management, and directors.

To become certified under the GTPA Programme the candidate must:

a) undertake prescribed training and/or demonstrate recognised prior learning and experience;

b) apply for certification;

c) successfully complete assessment and examination of their competence;

d) uphold a code of ethics;

e) pay annual memberships fees; and

f) maintain their competency through continuing professional development each year.

Applications to be certified as a GTP are open to all experts in the field of global trade across the following domain specialisations:

  • Trade Management * available now
  • Trade Regulation and Compliance * launching in 2018
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation * launching in 2019
  • Market Development * launching in 2018
  • Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance * launching in 2018
  • Trade Research and Economics * launching in 2019
  • International Affairs & Trade Policy * launching in 2018
  • Trade Law * launching in 2019

Certification of individuals under the GTPA Programme is available at the following levels:

  • Practitioner (GTP)
  • Manager (GTM)
  • Executive (GTE)

Additionally, there is a non-certified Foundation (F) level of recognition for persons who wish to progress to GTP, GTM or GTE certification levels.

The diversity of the GTP Programme provides an opportunity for experts in trade across all levels from those embarking on a career in trade to seasoned experts.





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