Structure of the Programme

ISO/IEC 17024:2012 contains principles and requirements for a body certifying persons against specific requirements, and includes the development and maintenance of a certification scheme for persons.

1. Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to demonstrate that GTPA fulfils the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024 Clause 8 pertaining to certification schemes.

2. Scope

This statement applies to the activities of GTPA as a scheme (programme) administrator and certification body.

3. Responsibilities

The structure of the GTPA Programme is the responsibility of the GTPA Board. The GTPA Board can make and approve changes to the Structure of the Programme.

4. Procedure

4.1: The GTPA Programme for the certification of trade professionals is open on a non-discriminatory, fair and impartial basis to any individual that can demonstrate that they fulfil the Certification Requirements.

4.2: The Certification Requirements include:

a) ADM 003 GTPA Programme Rules;

b) ADM 003-01 GTPA Code of Practice;

c) ADM 003-02 GTPA Competency Standards

d) ADM 003-04 GTPA Continuing Professional Development Requirements;

4.3: Demonstration of the fulfilment of Certification Requirements is assessed by GTPA and its approved agents. Assessment includes the opportunity to recognise prior learning and work experience, examinations, and the submission of other forms of evidence such as examples of completed work and documentation.

4.4: Certification under the GTPA Programme is available at the following levels:

4.5: There is also a Foundation (F) level of recognition for persons that wish to progress to GTP, GTM or GTE certification levels.

4.6:  Certification at GTP or GTM levels is available in the following areas of specialisation:

  • Trade Management
  • Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance
  • Trade regulation and compliance (Transport, Logistics and Clearance)
  • Trade Policy
  • Trade Law
  • Market Development
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Trade Research and Economics

4.7: The Foundation (F) level is a set of core competency standards, each of which must be demonstrated before the candidate can be considered for certification at GTP, GTM or GTE levels. Under the GTPA Programme, completing all the F competency standards does not in itself result in certification. To become certified, F level competency standards must be demonstrated and then complemented by further standards in one or more of the other levels.

4.8: For each level and specialisation of GTPA certification the candidate must demonstrate competency in a prescribed set of core competency standards that are based on their chosen specialisation, and also a minimum number of additional elective competency standards that they may select based on individual preference.

4.9: Appendix A provides a list of the competency standards, and their relation to levels of certification and types of specialisation.

4.10: Once a candidate has demonstrated fulfilment of the competency standards, candidates must also prepare and submit a Continuing Professional Development Plan in accordance with ADM 003-04.

4.11: In accordance with clause 8 of ISO/IEC 17024, GTPA have identified the following elements in ADM 003-02 GTP Competency Standards:

a) job/position task analysis (within the GTPA Programme this information is contained within the various GTPA Competency Standards);

b) required competence (defined by areas of knowledge and skills to be demonstrated in applying that knowledge);

c) any necessary prerequisites;

d) assessment methods for the types of competence (which can include recognition of prior learning or job/position experience); and

e) validation of how the selected assessment methods adequately confirm the required competence of the individual.

4.12: GTPA’s competency standards are developed and reviewed by the GTPA International and Technical Committee (ITAC) which has appropriate experts that fairly represent the interests of all parties significantly concerned, without any interest predominating.

4.13: Under the GTPA Programme, GTPA also approve or recognise:

a) education providers and their courses;

b) continuing professional development providers and their courses; and

c) partner organisations.




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