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The GTPA Business Resilience Awards


Over the past 12 months businesses have faced remarkable challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary steps to curb its spread. Many were forced – through legislation or circumstance – to close their doors, some bravely soldiered on while also doing their best to help support their communities. And still others managed to not just survive, but grow through agile thinking, innovative practices, and adapting to their changing circumstances.

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Exclusive scholarship for women leaders to participate in the Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World executive programme


To celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, the GTPA and the Institute for International Trade/ University of Adelaide and the University of Sussex are pleased to announce that we are providing two scholarships for women business leaders to complete the first ever Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World programme.

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Opening new export doors for Australian farmers and businesses


The Morrison Government will explore possible new free trade agreements with European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries and Israel, as part of our ongoing commitment to provide more export opportunities for Australian farmers and businesses, as well as create more jobs.

After receiving $6.6 million in the recent budget, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will now kick-off feasibility studies to scope the benefits of commencing free trade agreement negotiations with EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and Israel.

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Recognising Australia’s remarkable exporters


Australia’s innovative exporters and investors have today been recognised for the contribution they make to our economy at the online Remarkable Australian Exporters’ Showcase.

The recognition program highlights hundreds of stories submitted by Australian exporters showcasing their ability to adapt to the challenges of 2020 in creative and inspiring ways.

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham said the recognition program was a unique opportunity to acknowledge the enormous contribution our exporters make to the economy and to creating more jobs.

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Reforms to the Export Market Development Grants scheme pass Parliament


The Parliament has today passed legislation that backs Australian businesses to grow their exports and create jobs through reforms to the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme.

The EMDG scheme is a key Government financial assistance program to help aspiring and current exporters increase their marketing and promotional activities in international markets. Last year alone over 4000 Small and Medium Enterprises accessed the EMDG scheme, employing almost 69,000 Australians and generating exports worth $3.7 billion.

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TFG and WTO Launch Updated DLT & Trade Periodic Table, upgrading stage of maturity of the projects


Hong Kong, China. Trade Finance Global (TFG) and World Trade Organization (WTO) have today launched their updated Periodic Table of DLT Projects in Trade, at the Hong Kong Fintech Festival.

This new publication, authored by WTO’s Emmanuelle Ganne and TFG’s Deepesh Patel, updates the original periodic table launched in November 2019 by the ICC, WTO and TFG at the WTO Global Trade & Blockchain Forum. It maps 44 projects related to trade finance, insurance, KYC, shipping/logistics and supply chain, digitization of trade documents and digitalization of trade processes, as well as other projects such as marketplaces. The study highlights the stage of development of the various projects and their underlying technology. Nineteen standardization initiatives that work towards creating the standardized framework the industry craves have also been added to the study.

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Australia to host virtual WTO ministerial meeting


Australia will tonight host a virtual meeting of 22 World Trade Organization (WTO) ministers, to drive negotiations of global rules on fisheries subsidies and discuss the role of the WTO in contributing to the global economic recovery from COVID-19.

Federal Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, who will chair the meeting, said maintaining open trade settings would continue to support the quickest possible recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) is proud to announce the launch of our inaugural Festival of Inclusive Trade! What started out as the drafting of a white paper focussed on the issues faced by marginalised groups when engaging in international trade, has evolved into an online celebration of all things inclusive trade. Featuring over 80 world-class business and art events, the Festival runs for two weeks from 19 October.

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Celebrating Australia’s remarkable exporters


Innovative exporters and investors from across Australia will be celebrated in a recognition program that will highlight the incredible resilience shown by Australian businesses this year.

Small and medium sized exporters that have adapted to the challenges of 2020 in creative and inspiring ways will have their stories highlighted as part of an online campaign.

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GTPA and ICC Academy collaborate on global trade training programmes


Change in business and government is no longer an identifiable event, but rather a constantly and rapidly evolving state.

The future is uncertain, and problems often transcend the boundaries of single organisations and nations.

Businesses operate in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment in which change occurs at an unprecedented speed and magnitude. It is important that business leaders have access to the right technical trade knowledge and competencies to enable them to take their place in this ever-evolving environment.

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ICC Academy global trade certificate programmes are now ISO/IEC 17024 certified!


Singapore. 22 September: The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy is delighted to announce its collaboration with Global Trade Programme Alliance (GTPA), to offer businesses and trade professionals with ISO/IEC 17024 certified training programmes. As per the alliance, anyone who takes the ICC Academy’s trade finance, international business and regulation & compliance certificate programmes, will attain the relevant competency standards for ISO/IEC 17024 certification, under GTPA’s Global Trade Professional (GTP) programme.

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Backing Australian exporters to go global


The Morrison Government is backing Australian businesses to grow their exports and create jobs through reforms to the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme, after an independent review of financial assistance for small and medium enterprise exporters.

The EMDG scheme is a key Government financial assistance program to help aspiring and current exporters increase their marketing and promotional activities in international markets. Last year alone over 4000 Small and Medium Enterprises accessed the EMDG scheme, employing almost 69,000 Australians and generating exports worth $3.7 billion

Federal Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said better assisting Australian exporters to enter new markets or expand their presence in existing markets would be critical to boosting export activityand supporting Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

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Lanzamiento de la Encuesta Global de Resiliencia en Cadenas Globales de Suministro en APEC


En momentos en que la economía mundial enfrenta múltiples interrupciones, incluido el lento crecimiento económico, desastres naturales, y más recientemente la pandemia del COVID-19, las cadenas globales de valor (CGVs), y las cadenas de suministro en general, están experimentando una rápida transformación.

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APEC Global Supply Chains Resiliency Survey Launched


With the world economy facing multiple disruptions, including slow economic growth, natural disasters, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic, global value chains (GVCs), and supply chains more broadly, are transforming rapidly. While past decades fostered an expansion and enlargement of global supply chains more recently some have also shortened and become more localised, a trend which is likely to increase in the coming years as Multinationals (MNCs) and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) reconfigure their operations due to the pandemic and the resulting escalated adoption of digital technologies. 

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Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement negotiations kick-off


Australia and the United Kingdom have today announced the commencement of negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), which will start a new chapter in the economic relationship and help to boost export flows between our two nations.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said Australia was ready to help the UK find new beginnings post Brexit and in doing so, open up new doors for our farmers, businesses, and investors.

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Enhanced transparency for free trade agreement negotiations


The Morrison Government has today announced it will establish a Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to help inform the Government’s ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) agenda.

Federal Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the MAC would form an important part of the Morrison Government’s commitment to enhancing transparency around FTA negotiations.

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As Australia celebrates National Reconciliation Week, the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) recognises the contribution Indigenous Australians have made to Australia’s culture, identity and achievements.

Reconciliation is about a mutual strengthening of relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to create a more just, equitable and reconciled Australia. Trade and commerce play an integral role in this.

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GTPA and IIT stands ready to collaborate with APEC


The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) and International Trade of the University of Adelaide (IIT) commends and shares the course of action delineated in the Statement on COVID-19 by APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade issued in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 05 May 2020.

Lisa McAuley, CEO of the GTPA said “in these challenging times, international leadership and cooperation are not only crucial but also a manifestation of the significance of economic integration regional projects like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).”

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Opinion of:

Lisa McAuley, CEO of GTPA
Dr Tomás Quesada, VP for Research and Policy of GTPA

The benefits of integrated economies have been visible in the handling of the pandemic itself

The world’s economy is facing its hardest prospect since the Great Depression. The International Monetary Fund projects a sharp contraction of the global economy of -3 percent for 2020. Global trade has been particularly affected due to supply chains disruptions, a fall in domestic consumption and investment, a reduction in the number of working hours, and the imposition of non-tariff barriers by governments. Protectionist measures already evident before the virus outbreak have now exacerbated. According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), global trade is expected to fall by between 13% and 32% in 2020, and it is likely to fall harder in sectors with complex value chains.

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Opinion of:

Lisa McAuley, CEO of GTPA

Dr Tomás Quesada, VP for Research and Policy of GTPA

No one business, and certainly no MSME, needs to navigate these rather stormy waters alone

As these lines are being written, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) around the world are closing their operations. No one business, and certainly no MSME, needs to navigate these rather stormy waters alone.While the global business landscape is changing quite rapidly, we are confident that the global business environment will eventually stabilise. In the meantime, businesses’ capacity to survive will depend on their ability to innovate the ways in which they communicate, manage their business, and engage customers.

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