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Thank you for completing your membership application with the GTPA. The GTPA uniquely takes a very broad view of trade, from practical commercial aspects related to the pursuit of opportunity in international markets, to esoteric and specialist topics like trade financing, to increasingly critical elements of trade like policy, sustainability and inclusiveness and emerging, technology and platform-based trade activity. The GTPA network of experts from around the world, committed to trade as a force for good, will raise the standards related to trade in every way, and will champion trade at the most senior levels of leadership around the globe.

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Developing skills in international trade is the foundation of what we do. The ECA has created an educational pathway to global success, outlined below.
Tick the areas you are most interested in and relevant to your company’s stage of export development.

Stage 1: Are You Export Ready?

Are you export ready?
Export planning 101
Who’s who in the export zoo?
Learn how to prepare a SWOT analysis for international expansion
Market research + market entry strategy
Accessing Government Support
Resourcing for export
Preparing your product/service for international markets
Managing international logistics 101
Managing international trade risk 101
Preparing for export: legal + IP protection 101
Export Planning Consultation

Stage 2: Export Process (nuts and bolts)

Export documentation
Finance for export growth
Supply chain management and security
Export/import compliance
Intellectual Property (IP)
Advanced marketing for international business
Choosing the right international tax structure
Understanding the legal requirements for international expansion
Learn how to correctly apply for a Certificate of Origin/Declaration of Origin
Learn importance of product classification when it comes to taking advantage of FTAs
Human resource management for international markets
International pricing

Stage 3: Market Development (Market Growth)

E-commerce (market-specific/sector-specific/practical)
Cultural training (market-specific)
Market regulation (market-specific)
Market research
How to pitch your product/service
Utilising trade shows efficiently & effectively
Business/Trade Missions (selecting the right Mission
Managing lead generation
Investment 101 - separating the wheat from the chaff
Understanding how to identify bribery and corruption
Developing new business models for international growth
Setting up an offshore presence
FTAs 101
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