“The GTPA uniquely takes a very broad view of trade, from practical commercial aspects related to the pursuit of opportunity in international markets, to esoteric and specialist topics like trade financing, to increasingly critical elements of trade like policy, sustainability and inclusiveness and emerging, technology and platform-based trade activity. The GTPA network of experts from around the world, committed to trade as a force for good, will raise the standards related to trade in every way, and will champion trade at the most senior levels of leadership around the globe."- Alexander Malaket

Build your capacity and capability to successfully engage in global trade:

  • Access content on-the-go, topical issues and news in global trade 
  • Access to discounts on events and education programmes through the GTPA network of approved CPD providers
  • Access to the latest research & information to challenge your thinking and keep you at the forefront of your profession
  • Access to discounts on trade related publications approved under GTPA
  • Resources and tools to support you with the next step in your career and show your earning potential
  • Access to discounted coaching services to build your knowledge

Begin your pathway to a global career and open the door to a world of opportunities:

  • Complimentary certification of staff members through the GTP Programme annually 
  • Engage in the GTPA network and contribute to growing the global trade alliance
  • Opportunity to participate in GTPA working committees
  • Opportunity to participate in the International and Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)
  • Profiling as a preferred GTPA speaker for conferences and events to expand your personal brand as a global trade professional

Build your global profile and access a world of opportunities:

  • The use of GTP post nominals
  • Profile your company as an approved GTP employer and gain global status as a trusted global organisation
  • Approved GTP corporate and institutional member logo
  • Exclusive profile opportunity for building your personal brand as part of the Trusted Network in the private members listing directory
  • Access to use the GTPA member logo
  • Opportunity to promote your services, speaking engagements, events via the GTPA network
  • Ability to participate in the GTPA mentoring and coaching programme for young trade professionals, students and businesses new to trade as a preferred supplier

Networking and collaboration:

  • Through virtual and face to face networking, connect with global and local communities of like-minded peers.     
  • Profiling as a preferred GTPA speaker for conferences and events to expand your personal brand as a global trade professional
  • Discounts to member only GTPA events and activities run globally
  • Leading international research on capacity and capability-building
  • Access tailored research undertake by the GTPA 

Advocacy: breaking down barriers to trade:

  • Opportunity to participate in the Trade Policy & Advocacy engagement work the GTPA undertakes on behalf of our members   
  • Engage in the Trade Policy & Advocacy work of the GTPA by contributing your voice
  • Access to industry and government networks globally 


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