Current and previous NSW exporting businesses may be eligible:

  • for up to a maximum of $10,000 grant
  • for the re imbursement of 50% of eligible expenses incurred since 1 January 2020.

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Which businesses are eligible?

 To be eligible for this grant, an exporting business must:

✓ Have an ABN registered in NSW for GST as at 1 August 2019

✓ Be currently exporting, or were exporting prior to the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires or drought

✓ Employ a minimum of 3 full-time equivalent workers at the time of application

✓ Own the goods/services to be exported, or be able to provide documented evidence that you are the agreed export supplier

✓ Produce the goods/services to be exported in Australia, or be able to provide documented evidence that the business provides substantial value to NSW

✓ Be an exporting business with an annual turnover of up to $100 million, or greater than $100 million that can demonstrate export turnover has declined by more than 30% in the 2019–2020 financial year and have an intention to re-establish your export business in your established markets and/or diversify into new markets

Are you a globally trading business?
  • Covid-19 presents the most significant impact on supply chains in recent memory
  • It is also an opportune moment for businesses to examine their supply chains
  • Introduce measures to increase their resiliency
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