Our objective in certifying global trading businesses is to build a network of international businesses and help ensure their success in a trusted global trade ecosystem.

ISO/ IEC 17065 Globally Trading Business Certification

  • Applies to the globally recognised ISO/IEC 17065 certification, supporting a differentiated international status as a trusted and verified business
  • Profiles businesses as part of a globally trusted ecosystem
  • Facilitates audits and compliance review of globally trading businesses
  • Links to AEO schemes and other ISO standards and compliance regulations

Outcomes for business

  • Build customer confidence that the business is reputable and a trusted partner for engagement
  • Gain competitive advantage by becoming a preferred trading partner
  • Meet international regulation requirements, at a lower cost
  • More easily establish market access across the world by tapping into a global ecosystem as a trusted participant
  • Improve business processes and procedures as part of ongoing development of a clear and sound export strategy
  • Leverage the ISO process to identify competitive strengths and leverage areas for business growth 

ISO/ IEC 17065 Globally Trading Business Certification process

The GTPA globally trading business certification program is based on ISO/IEC 17065, which is the recognised international standard for the certification of products, processes or services.

The overall aim of the GTPA business certification program is to give confidence to all interested parties that the business processes fulfil specified requirements.

The value of certification is a degree of confidence and trust that others may gain form an impartial demonstration that a business’s processes fulfil those specified requirements.

The GTPA globally trading business certification assesses the businesses processes against a framework of 9 key themes, summarised below.

Within each theme a business’s processes is assessed against a range of characteristics of global business.

It should be noted that the same characteristics are used to assess a Globally Trading Business or a Global Trade Consulting Services however the context under which they are assessed differs.

Certification levels

Each business’s processes are assessed against the 50 characteristics of global business at one of three levels:

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Good practice
  • Level 3: Best practice

Based on how well the business scores against the 50 characteristics a business will achieve a 1, 2- or 3-star rating of the level of sophistication of its international business processes.

Certification themes and characteristics

Businesses are assessed against nine key themes and characteristics regarding business process:

  1. Strategic & Financial Fitness
  2. Markets and Competitors
  3. Clients and Channels
  4. Brands and Value Proposition
  5. Core Business Processes
  6. Operations and Infrastructure
  7. Risks and Governance
  8. People and Culture
  9. Measures and Incentives

GTPA will be launching the ISO/IEC 17065 certification scheme in 2021. Businesses interested in obtaining further information and who may wish to make a head start on preparing for certification can contact the GTPA at info@gtpalliance.com or subscribe to our database to receive updates.

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