The NSW Government has developed a series of educational programs, resources and tools to assist NSW businesses to grow their business overseas using e-commerce.

E-Commerce Advanced program * starting May 2022

Building on the 2021 NSW e-commerce program, and acknowledging the fast-moving nature of online business, Investment NSW is now offering NSW businesses the opportunity to participate in advanced e-commerce program for companies serious about engaging in cross-border e-commerce.

Investment NSW, with the support of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA), have created a brand-new transformative capability development program for NSW businesses:

The program is uniquely experiential and engaging, and includes:

  • 12 Advanced e-commerce live online webinars: webinar-based training, providing capability and knowledge growth in specific subject areas.
  • Business e-commerce readiness assessment: For those NSW business that did not access the program last year you can conduct a rapid e-commerce readiness self-assessment.
  • Ongoing technical support: throughout the program, the GTPA will be available to provide technical support online for participants.

E-commerce Introductory program

The 2021 introductory e-commerce program has now concluded. If you are interested in accessing the related training and resources then access to the portal is still available. The program includes:

  • Business e-commerce readiness assessment: conduct a rapid self-assessment. The results will allow businesses to plot actions to improve their opportunities via e-commerce and online sales channels.
  • Online webinar series: webinar-based training, providing capability and knowledge in sequential chunks.
  • NSW e-commerce resource portal: a comprehensive portal containing training material, market research and templates for building your e-commerce export strategy and plan.

Who is invited?

All NSW businesses looking to grow operations online or expand sales to new markets.

Free for NSW businesses.

Eligibility note: a business must have headquarters in NSW and have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) registered for NSW.

Introductory e-commerce program

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Advanced e-commerce program

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e-commerce diagnostic tool

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