E-commerce skill development for NSW exporters and businesses keen to find customers overseas – free resources

The NSW Government is providing educational resources to assist NSW businesses to grow their business overseas using e-commerce. Whether you are new to exporting, or looking to diversify online, or you are already exporting online and want to advance your technical skills, there are resources for you.

Free resources

  • An e-commerce self-diagnostic tool
  • Training videos – 8 ‘introductory skills’ and 12 ‘advanced skills’ – topics listed below
  • Training presentation slides
  • Links to other useful resources
  • Technical support

Register today

The ‘introductory’ resources are separate from the ‘advanced’. Each requires a one-time registration:




Who is invited?

All NSW businesses looking to grow operations online or expand sales to new markets.

Free for NSW businesses.

Eligibility note: a business must have headquarters in NSW and have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) registered for NSW.

Introductory skills topics:

  • Are you ready to export online?
  • e-commerce market opportunities
  • e-commerce supply chain management and logistics
  • International marketing and brand building
  • Managing e-commerce risk
  • Review of export strategy and plan

Advanced skills topics:

  • e-commerce bootcamp
  • Building an eShop that rocks!
  • Building a website in 2022
  • e-commerce marketplaces
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Advanced digital marketing
  • Improving e-commerce efficiencies through automation and the use of AI
  • The future of technology and what it means for e-commerce
  • Let’s talk data

e-commerce diagnostic tool

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