META is a nation-wide network of high performance manufacturing businesses aided by world-class researchers and suppliers to help transform Australia’s manufacturing sector into a globally integrated and competitive industry.

By facilitating national collaboration, knowledge-sharing and problem-solving across companies, researchers, industries, states and disciplines, META allows the manufacturing sector itself to decide what specific initiatives and opportunities it will focus on.

META has created a central point of engagement for its members via the Continuous Collaboration Platform which hosts the discussions from the Hubs.

META Collaboration Projects are industry-led projects that solve or accelerate progress on a specific challenge or can be an outcome of a collaboration hub discussion.

Each project is led by an Industry member and supported by expert researchers, with up to five industry participants. These smaller scale projects provide a “proof of concept” example and a future direction on specific ideas that could be implemented on a larger scale.

Collaboration projects can generate a significant boost to an industry or Australian-based capability, by allowing specific manufacturing and technology sectors the opportunity to showcase their skills whilst producing real and tangible outcomes.

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The Export Council of Australia (ECA) is the peak Industry body representing small, medium and large exporters in Australia. One of ECA’s primary focuses is the deregulation of International trade which will allow Australian businesses to more effectively and efficiently conduct profitable international trade.

The ECA aims to:

• Equip Australian business with the skills and capabilities required to effectively and efficiently conduct profitable international trade
• Make representations to and on behalf of exporters to appropriate decision makers
• Undertake research to identify and quantify the issues affecting the development of profitable international trade activity by Australian SME companies
• Interface with and provide support to sector specific associations and councils representing business engaged in international trade
• Deliver activities which provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and rewards excellence in export

In 2014, ECA’s aim is to assist the federal government to deliver reform in regulation, lowering the cost burden on businesses.


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