Australia's proposed participation on an ISO Project Committee and contribution towards the development of a generic CoC standard

05.02.2019 Lisa McAuley

Standards Australia is Australia's national standards body. We represent Australia to the ISO & IEC and to this effect remain committed to developing and maintaining standards that meet current dynamics & ensure net benefit to the Australian community.

The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) intends to submit a project proposal to Standards Australia for an International Participation case for Australian participation on an ISO Project Committee: PC 308 – Chain of Custody and is seeking relevant industry and stakeholder support for the proposal.

Value chains around the world are the arteries of global commerce, enabling trade flows worth tens of trillions annually in merchandise and services trade alone. These are complex ecosystems and often involve or depend on the contributions of multi-national organisations and governments. Ensuring social and environmental integrity among suppliers and subcontractors is now increasingly seen as part of a global corporation’s responsibility.

In addition, social and environmental sustainability is increasingly seen as integral to businesses from the perspective of strategic advantage, efficiency, commercial agility, and brand and risk management.

The proliferation of traceability systems and definitions is causing unnecessary confusion, complexity and costs for players in different supply chains.

To address this relevant and key area, Standards Australia alongside the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) is hosting a Chain of Custody forum to allow all interested stakeholders to discuss and agree on the best approach for Australia's participation on this international standards committee and contribution towards a proposed generic CoC standard.

To ensure we have a productive day, please consider the following in the area of CoC:

The importance of product safety and security in your industry

*The Social & Environmental impact CoC has for your organisation
*Regulatory compliance
*Data management
*Financial performance


27 February 2019
08:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Standards Australia
Level 9, 20 Bridge Street
NSW, 2000


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