A global trade ecosystem to advance and support businesses, trade organisations and professionals engaged in global trade

GTPA officially launched on the 12th December 2017 in Argentina. As a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation connecting individuals and organisations to a trusted global network with recognised capabilities that power MSME engagement in global trade as well as support supply chains and their communities around the world.

Our goal is to bring people and organisations together to:

  • build professional capabilities in trade
  • elevate the profile of trade
  • advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • facilitate networking
  • improve the performance and success of companies in global trade
  • boost the efficiency of trade processes.

Members will be part of a global alliance that in turn will:

  • advance international development
  • support the development of MSMEs and their access to global supply chains
  • empower greater diversity women-owned engagement in trade.

Coming soon: Certification for Global Businesses

Businesses, professional bodies, as well as government organisations who are members of GTPA may nominate employees to be certified under the GTP Programme.

Later this year GTPA will be launching a new international standard for GTPA business members who will be eligible to be certified under ISO 17065 as either a Certified Global Business or a Certified Global Trade Consulting service.

Businesses can NOW prepare the ground for this new global certification by obtaining ISO/IEC 17024 certification for their employees.

Join GTPA today and become a member of an international ecosystem of practitioners and organisations – from banks & bankers involved in trade finance to law firms and lawyers, accounting firms and accountants, consultancies and consultants advising on trade issues through to insurers, freight forwarders, logistic companies, exporters, importers, and government organisations.

GTPA was established through the financial partnership with GTP Services Pty Ltd. 

The GTPA aims to raise the ethical standard for trade and trade professionals by raising awareness of global best practice.

Global networks

Building a global trade ecosystem


Global trade and international business competency

Building international trade capacity and capability under ISO/IEC 17024

International Research

Leading international research on capacity and capability-building and thought leadership


Improve the global networking of trade professionals, industry, government and businesses engaged in global trade under ISO/IEC 17024






Trade Policy & Advocacy

Engagement globally in trade policy on behalf of the GTPA network engaged in international trade


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