Elevate Your Organisation: Partner with GTPA for Certification Excellence

Unlock a world of opportunities by joining forces with the Global Trade Professionals Association (GTPA) as an esteemed Collaborative Partner.

We are seeking organisations with a profound understanding of international trade to embark on a formal journey as an Approved Certification Body under the prestigious GTP Program, entrusted with delivering the esteemed ISO/IEC 17024 Certification. But that's just the beginning.

As a GTPA Approved Certification Body, you'll not only administer ISO/IEC 17024 Certification but also collaborate closely with us to offer a suite of trade support activities.

This includes partnering with GTPA on various initiatives, such as providing access to an array of invaluable tools, resources, and on-demand publications/events, including:

  • International Business Strategy & Plan: Both beginner and advanced levels to support businesses in navigating international markets effectively.
  • E-Commerce Business Strategy & Plan: Catering to businesses venturing into or expanding their presence in the digital marketplace.
  • Supply Chain Diversification Toolkit for SMEs: Equipping small and medium enterprises with the necessary tools to diversify and strengthen their supply chains.
  • Supply Chain Strategy Template for SMEs: Offering practical templates to streamline supply chain management for SMEs.
  • Festival of Inclusive Trade: A platform dedicated to fostering inclusive trade practices and partnerships.
  • Discounts on GTPA Skills and Training Programs: Access discounted rates on a wide range of training programs tailored for trade professionals, covering areas such as Agile Trade Leadership, Modern Business Mastery, and more.
  • Market Insights and Export Labs: Gain valuable insights into market trends and participate in export-focused workshops and sessions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers and stakeholders through international events and inbound business missions.
  • Participate in GTPA Equitable Trade Advisory Council: Contribute to shaping equitable trade policies and practices.
  • Become a Global Ambassador for the Festival of Inclusive Trade: Play a pivotal role in promoting inclusive trade initiatives on a global scale.

Partnering with GTPA opens the door to a multitude of resources and opportunities designed to empower businesses and professionals in the realm of international trade.

To embark on this transformative partnership, your organisation must demonstrate the ability to engage with various stakeholders effectively. This involves working alongside export associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, governmental bodies, SME organisations, and international entities.

Together, we will shape and enhance the ISO/IEC 17024 and 17065 standards. As an Approved Certification Body, you'll play a pivotal role in adhering to GTPA's rigorous ISO/IEC 17024 systems and processes. This encompasses a spectrum of activities, from assessing GTP Program applicants to managing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for GTPs. You'll also be instrumental in recruiting and approving qualified professionals and educational providers, as well as curating relevant events and initiatives to fuel ongoing CPD.

By partnering with GTPA, you're not just aligning with excellence; you're becoming an integral part of a global movement dedicated to advancing the standards and practices of international trade. Join us in shaping the future of global commerce and empowering professionals worldwide.