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Expertise and Experience: GTPA's core management team possesses deep knowledge and experience in international trade and education.

Commitment to Inclusion: From inclusive trade festivals to specialized training for marginalized groups, GTPA is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in global trade.

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Over the past 20 years and in various capacities, individual management members have been directly involved in the following research, education, and product development:

Export training: delivery of workshop training programs eCommerce into China, IP protection and International contracting, and Getting into Export for Food and Agricultural producers, Export Capability building workshops, government training on exporting.

Australia’s International Business Survey: An annual study into Australia’s international business activity; the largest of its kind in the country.

Wide-Bay Burnett Service and Gap Audit: An audit of local business in six regional Queensland council area and their experience in tapping international markets, and the level of support on offer from government (commissioned by the Wide Bay-Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils).

ASEAN Connected: A report on specific opportunities available to Australian businesses in the six biggest ASEAN markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Demystifying Korea: An evaluation of opportunity in the South Korean market for Australian services exporters, following the coming into force of KAFTA.

Advancing Trade Development: A study into the international trade promotion activities of ten select countries around the world, to determine contributions to international best practice in the field.

NSW Trade Support Review: A review of the state’s trade support services, conducted through roundtable with NSW goods exporters, services exporters and government trade agencies.

Mexico: Gateway to the Americas: A report on opportunities for Australian businesses in a reforming Mexico – from telecommunications to manufacturing – as well as on the prospects of leveraging the connected country a gateway to the wider region.

The Shanghai FTZ and Australia: A guide to China’s Shanghai FTZ, explaining the initiative and how it can be utilised by Australian businesses active in or targeting the Chinese market.

META Deregulation Hub: A study into the barriers to export for Australian manufacturers, and the commercial and regulatory costs incurred in getting goods approved for export (sponsored by the Manufacturing Excellence Task Force Australia and BHP Billiton).

ANZ Be Trade Ready Website: Comparative FTA information for all Australia’s FTA partners, including tariff tables across 16 industry sectors. ANZ-provided business planning tools.

Trade Barriers Register: An online portal to collect data on red tape and Non- Tariff Barriers.

Export Essentials App: Basic how to export information.

Doing Business in China App: Basic doing business information, including setting up in China.

Doing Business in Mexico App: Basic doing business in Mexico information, including using Mexico as a gateway to the USA.

Demystifying Korea App: Basic doing business information for services companies.

The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone App: Basic doing business and business set up information.

Free Trade Agreement training: training of SMEs on leveraging Free Trade Agreements.