Unlock Global Opportunities for Your NSW Business with the NSW e-Commerce Portal

Looking to take your New South Wales (NSW) based business global and find new customers overseas? Now is the time to upskill and take advantage of the exciting opportunities in e-Commerce!

The NSW government, in partnership with leading industry experts, is offering a series of free resources to help local businesses and exporters develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the world of e-Commerce. Whether you’re new to selling online or looking to expand your existing business, these resources have been designed to meet your needs.

Free resources

  • An e-Commerce self-diagnostic tool
  • Training videos – 8 ‘introductory skills’ and 12 ‘advanced skills’ – topics listed below
  • Training presentation slides
  • Links to other useful resources
  • Technical support

So don’t wait – take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in the world of e-Commerce.

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Introductory E-commerce Skill Development

  • Are you ready to export online?
  • E-commerce market opportunities
  • E-commerce models and payment channels
  • E-commerce supply chain management and logistics
  • International marketing and brand building
  • Managing e-commerce risk
  • Review of export strategy and plan

In this comprehensive portal, you'll get an in-depth look at e-Commerce market opportunities, e-Commerce models and payment channels, e-Commerce supply chain management and logistics, international marketing and brand building, managing e-Commerce risk, and a review of your export strategy and plan.

Whether you're a seasoned exporter or just starting out, this portal is designed to help you grow your business and find success in the world of e-Commerce. From understanding the different e-Commerce models and payment channels to managing risk and building your brand, you'll leave this portal with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Advanced E-commerce Skill Development

  • E-commerce bootcamp
  • Building an eShop that rocks!
  • Building a website in 2022
  • E-commerce marketplace
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Advanced digital marketing
  • Improving e-commerce efficiencies through automation and the use of AI
  • The future of technology and what it means for e-commerce
  • Let’s talk data
  • Let’s talk supply chains

Step up your e-Commerce game and stay ahead of the curve with the NSW Advanced e-Commerce portal! Covering topics like building an eShop that rocks, omnichannel retail, advanced digital marketing, and the future of technology, this comprehensive portal is designed to take your online sales to the next level. Learn how to build a website in 2022, improve e-Commerce efficiencies through automation and AI, and dive into the importance of data and supply chains.