Step into the future of commerce with GTPA - where equitable and open trade isn't just a concept, it's our driving force.

Born 7 years ago, we've pioneered a movement that empowers every facet of society to thrive in the global marketplace. In our world, diversity isn't just celebrated, it's essential. From Women Owned Businesses to First Nations Enterprises, from Young Entrepreneurs to Climate Impacted Ventures, we champion inclusivity at every turn.

But we're not just about rhetoric. We're about action.

At GTPA, we roll up our sleeves and provide tangible support for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from all corners of the globe. Whether you're seeking to expand globally, diversify your value chains, or embrace sustainable practices, we've got your back. How do we do it? Through a range of resources and opportunities tailored to your needs.

From globally recognised certifications to cutting-edge industry insights, from personalised mentoring to vibrant networking events, we're here to propel you forward. So, if you're ready to break barriers, broaden horizons, and redefine what's possible in global trade, join us at GTPA. Because together, we're not just building businesses - we're building a more equitable and open trading world.

Product offering and services

GTPA's comprehensive product offering and service, designed to drive equitable and open trade and support businesses of all backgrounds and sizes:

Global Business Expansion: Unlock new markets and opportunities worldwide.

Global Supply Chain Opportunities: Access diverse and efficient supply chains on a global scale.

Global Value Chain Diversification: Strengthen and diversify your value chains for resilience.

E-Commerce and Digital Trade Growth: Harness the power of digital platforms for international trade.

Sustainable Business Growth: Foster sustainable practices for long-term success.

Global Trade Leadership: Providing dynamic strategies and agile leadership to swiftly navigate global market changes and maintain competitiveness.

Unlock Your Global Potential with GTPA’s Solutions:

Global Events: Immerse yourself in our dynamic global events, where industry leaders converge to share insights, strategies, and opportunities for growth. Connect with peers, forge partnerships, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of international trade.

Globally Recognised Certification: Elevate your business's credibility and expand your market access with our prestigious certifications. Gain recognition as a leader, enhancing your competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Industry Insights: Gain a competitive advantage with access to cutting-edge insights and trends curated by our expert analysts. Stay informed about emerging opportunities, regulatory changes, and market dynamics, empowering you to make informed decisions and seize new avenues for growth.

Digital Transformation Solutions: Seamlessly transition your business into the digital age with our tailored digital adaptation solutions. From e-commerce integration to digital supply chain optimisation, we provide the tools and expertise to help you harness the full potential of digital technologies such as AI and Cyber and thrive in the digital marketplace.

Knowledge Centres: Access a wealth of resources and information to address your specific business needs. Whether you're seeking guidance on e-Commerce, International Trade, or Supply Chain Diversification.

Training & Skills Development: Invest in your team's potential with our targeted training programs designed to enhance your capabilities in a range of relevant topics in this current business environment. From mastering Global business expansion through international trade to cybersecurity best practices, our training initiatives that empower your workforce to drive your business forward and adapt to ever changing global trends.

Mentoring: Receive personalised guidance and support from seasoned mentors. Benefit from their experience, insights, and practical advice as you navigate the complexities of today’s agile business environment to maintain sustainable growth. Global

Networking: Forge valuable connections and cultivate strategic partnerships through our vibrant networking opportunities in the digital sphere. Expand your network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded peers and industry influencers, opening doors to new collaborations and growth prospects.

With GTPA's comprehensive suite of solutions, you'll unlock new possibilities, accelerate your growth, and thrive in the global marketplace. Join us in shaping the future of inclusive, sustainable, and digitally enabled trade.

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