Flexible Education for Modern Global Trade

The Flexi TRADE initiative responds to the evolving nature of global trade and supply chains, recognising the need for flexibility and responsiveness.

With the global trade landscape subject to rapid shifts, especially in shipping and logistics management, Flexi TRADE offers a curriculum designed to adapt swiftly to real-time events. This innovative approach provides practical insights, cutting-edge strategies, and forward-thinking perspectives, enabling small businesses to navigate the complexities of modern global trade effectively.

Venturing into international trade for the first time can be a daunting experience for SMEs. It's essential to have a robust knowledge base, a sound strategy for diversification and adaptability as well as solid financial planning skills to manage cash flow effectively and to adequately fund overseas expansion.

There is also the need to fully understand international markets, and build properly resourced internal teams, while establishing deep networks to aid in market penetration. Export caries inherent risks so sound risk assessment and mitigation skills and a defined risk appetite at critical.

Appropriate training can significantly enhance the preparedness of SMEs to start exporting and engage in international business more broadly.

GTPA training can provide multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced knowledge of export procedures and regulations
  • Improved market understanding
  • Risk management skills Increased competitiveness
  • Building confidence
  • Technology and digital tools
  • Networking opportunities

ExportForward: Moving Your Export Journey Forward for Growth and Expansion

To address the requirements of SMEs and secure the best possible chance of export success, GTPA has developed a multi-faceted capability-building program that is underpinned by practical information and peer learning.

GTPA has undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of traditional export training methodologies, recognising the evolving landscape of global trade and supply chains. The dynamics have significantly changed over the past decade, and considering current world geopolitical events, the global trade landscape can undergo rapid shifts daily. This is particularly apparent in the management of global shipping and logistics.

In response to these challenges, we can share our meticulously crafted to be agile, adapting seamlessly to real-time events program.

In 2024, GTPA has introduced an innovative curriculum that goes beyond the conventional, offering a dynamic approach to navigating the complexities of modern global trade.

This includes a forward-thinking perspective on emerging trends, cutting-edge strategies, and practical insights that empower professionals to stay ahead in this ever-changing environment. Our proposal is flexible in nature, any organisation can pick and choose what activity they would like to undertake as long as it follows our exporters journey.

Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine export training for the demands of today's global business landscape:

Foundation export skills training workshops

Deep-dive workshops, including specific subject expert-led sessions

Advanced Export Labs

Market-specific workshops

Sector-specific workshops

Roundtable forums