Collaborative Insights, Global Solutions: GTPA Focus Groups for Trade Excellence!

Our focus groups are structured discussions involving a small, diverse group of individuals who share common characteristics or interests. The GTPA focus groups aim to bring together professionals and experts in specific areas of global trade to exchange insights, ideas, and experiences on relevant topics.

A couple of examples of the type of focus groups we run have distinct objectives and topics:

  1. Global Trade Navigator Forum: This focus group focuses on discussing business strategies for global growth, export support programs, and international competitiveness. Participants also explore the impacts of export controls and regulations through case studies and peer-to-peer learning. The aim here is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices to enhance global trade strategies.

  2. Market Access and Risk Management Roundtable: In this focus group, participants engage in discussions on market access, tariffs, non-tariff barriers, and risk mitigation strategies in international trade. Supply chain diversification as a risk management strategy for international growth is also a key topic. The goal is to exchange insights on managing risks effectively while accessing new markets, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.

  3. Digital Commerce Innovation Summit: This focus group centers on discussions related to e-commerce strategies for global growth, the role of AI in business growth, and the impact of cybersecurity risks on international business growth. The aim is to explore innovative approaches and technologies driving digital commerce in the global marketplace, while also addressing associated risks and challenges.

Overall, focus groups within this curriculum framework aim to foster collaborative learning, facilitate networking opportunities, and generate actionable insights that participants can apply to their respective organisations or roles in the realm of global trade.

Through interactive discussions and knowledge sharing, participants gain a deeper understanding of key issues and emerging trends in the global trade landscape.