Tailored Insights, Trade Success: Sector-Specific Workshops for Maximum Impact!

Our comprehensive 3-hour workshops tailored to specific industry sectors, offering invaluable insights and practical guidance on preparing for trade shows and trade missions. Each workshop delves into industry-specific market dynamics, challenges, and opportunities, providing participants with tailored knowledge to enhance their trade show and trade mission strategies. Whether delivered in-person or online, these workshops incorporate interactive discussions, case studies, and expert insights to equip participants with the tools and strategies needed to maximise success in their industry sector.

Explore our tailored curriculum featuring sector-specific workshops designed to elevate your business expertise:

  1. Packaged Food & Beverage:

    • Gain insights into the industry.
    • Explore specialized trade shows.
    • Assignment: Draft a plan for a targeted trade show participation.
  2. Meat & Dairy and Alternative Proteins:

    • Dive into industry insights.
    • Discover specialized trade show opportunities.
    • Assignment: Plan your participation in a targeted trade show.
  3. Technology:

    • Uncover insights into the tech sector.
    • Explore specialized trade show avenues.
    • Assignment: Prepare for your participation in a targeted trade show.
  4. Manufacturing:

    • Explore manufacturing and global value chains.
    • Assignment: Draft a plan for participation in a target value chain.
  5. Health & Life Sciences:

    • Delve into market opportunities in health & life sciences.
    • Discover specialized trade show options.
    • Assignment: Plan your participation in a targeted trade show.
  6. Clean Economy:

    • Gain insights into the clean economy sector.
    • Identify specialized trade missions.
    • Assignment: Identify target trade missions and markets.

Elevate your business strategy with our sector-specific workshops. Join us in unlocking new opportunities and expanding your market presence.