Elevating Expertise, Empowering Expansion!

Our Export Labs are meticulously crafted to span 3 hours, delving into specialised subjects tailored to your needs. These labs offer in-depth, advanced insights, with specialists enlisted to enrich the delivery. Designed exclusively for in-person delivery, Export Labs facilitate practical interaction between participants and the expert specialist, fostering immersive learning experiences.

Moreover, Export Labs extend beyond the session itself, offering invaluable one-on-one mentoring support post-event. This personalised guidance ensures sustained learning and application of newfound knowledge, empowering participants to excel in their export endeavours.

Explore our specialised curriculum modules designed to enhance your international business acumen:

  1. Financing your International Expansion:

    • Discover trade finance options, payment terms, pricing strategies, and managing financial risks.
    • Assignment: Develop a comprehensive financial plan for international expansion, showcasing your understanding of financing options and risk management strategies.
  2. Product Adaptation and Innovation:

    • Understand market and customer needs, regulatory compliance, design thinking, innovation processes, quality control, and cost-benefit analysis.
    • Assignment: Demonstrate your understanding by developing a market-ready product plan encompassing various aspects.
  3. E-Commerce Strategies and Cybersecurity Risks:

    • Explore e-commerce strategies for global growth, the role of AI, and cybersecurity risks.
    • Assignment: Prepare a brief report on the impact of AI and cybersecurity risks on your business.
  4. Entering the Market:

    • Learn international market entry basics and understand free trade agreements.
    • Assignment: Prepare a brief report outlining your approach to entering a new market and evaluating the impact of Free Trade Agreements, utilising tools like the DFAT FTA Tool.

Join us in mastering the intricacies of international business. Engage with our comprehensive modules and refine your strategies for global expansion.