The GTPA is built on a model of collaboration and engagement and working together to create interconnecting ecosystems of expert, trusted relationships to support, enable and advance supply chains as the arteries of global trade.

The GTPA will engage with individual members, GTPA Chapters, Alliance Partners and other to champion and to enable enhanced communication and improved interaction between trade policy professionals and business, as well as between policy experts and others engaged in the trade ecosystem, such as trade promotion specialists.

The GTPA will help frame and evolve the nexus of policy and business through competency based professional development, world-class thought leadership and targeted advocacy.

The collective stature of the of the GTPA Board and the International and Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) along with the world-class network that will be the GTPA, we will commit to making positive contributions in the realm of global trade policy, that will support increased prosperity, inclusion, and enhanced quality of life through freer, rules based trade and investment.

Our trade policy priorities are based on the following principles:

  • International trade and investment is crucial to realising significant untapped economic potential. Jobs and economic prosperity are best created and protected over the long term through an open and competitive economic system.
  • The benefits of international trade, investment and cross-border commerce must be shared more equitably and widely, and must be effectively enabled and communicated.
  • Effective trade policy must support the development of trade and investment-capable companies to engage with global opportunities.
  • Maximising the benefits of international trade and investment through effective policy design and deployment is the shared responsibility of all levels of government, international institutions, and must take into consideration the importance of policy consistency across jurisdictions when necessary.
  • Businesses directly involved in import and export, and the businesses that support them, likewise have a responsibility to engage in policy-related dialogue and advocacy, to help inform the work of policy makers and abide by such policy in the pursuit of opportunities around the world.
  • Trade Policy initiatives must explicitly include the empowerment of women to engage in global trade through internationally recognised capacity and capability programmes.
  • Trade Policy and trade related commercial activity should actively seek to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Trade Policy must support, and advance principles related to international development and poverty-reduction through trade, including established Aid for Trade Initiatives and trading out of poverty programs.

The GTPA will be guided by these principles as we evolve and deliver on our trade policy activities around the world. We are supported by GTPA headquarters, our network of collaborative stakeholders, and through the wider GTPA network including our educational partners, delivery partners, advocacy colleagues and others.

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