Master the Global Trade Fair Experience with GTPA's Comprehensive Program

The Global Trade Fair Mastery Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip participants with essential skills, knowledge, and strategies to maximise their effectiveness in global trade fair participation.

Key topic areas include:

• Understanding Trade Fairs

• Preparing for Trade Fair Participation

• Networking and Relationship Building

• Maintaining Trade Fair Opportunities

Following the training program, participants embark on a customised Trade Fair/Exhibition Mission, spanning 5-7 days depending on the Expo. This is to provide hands-on experience, enabling participants to effectively showcase their offerings, network with international contacts, and find business growth opportunities.

As part of this program element, GTPA will provide booth assistance for participants.

Upon conclusion, the Trade Fair Debriefing and Action Planning Session serves as a post-activity for participants to reflect on their experiences, evaluate performance, and develop actionable strategies for post-fair follow-up and business growth. The session includes interactive workshops, group discussions, and action planning exercises to facilitate reflection and planning.

How do we work with organisations?

This program is designed as a standalone initiative that can be supported by government or organisational funding. The program can be structured as a cohort-based program tailored to a specific Trade Fair in a chosen target market:

Customisation for Trade Fair and Market: The program is adaptable and can be tailored to align with a specific Trade Fair/ Expo in chosen target markets. The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) collaborates with organisations to customise the program content and activities according to the needs of the participants and the focus of the event or trade activity.

Modular Format: The program is structured in a modular format, allowing flexibility in delivery. It can be delivered as intensive training program or spread out over multiple weeks, either in-person or online. This flexibility enables participants to engage with the program based on their availability and preferences.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The program offers a comprehensive curriculum.

Pre-Program Assessment and Briefing: Before the program commences, participants undergo a comprehensive assessment to identify their business goals, strengths, and areas for development. This assessment helps tailor the program content to the specific needs of each participant. A pre-departure briefing provides essential information and guidelines to ensure a smooth and productive experience, including logistics, health and safety, cultural preparation, and participant expectations.

In-person and Online Components: The program includes both in-person and online components to accommodate diverse learning preferences and geographic locations of participants. In-person workshops offer hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities, while online sessions provide flexibility and accessibility.

Mentorship and Coaching: Participants receive ongoing mentorship and coaching from experienced mentors and industry professionals. Mentors provide personalised guidance and support to help participants navigate challenges and achieve their export growth objectives.

Post-Program Support: After completing the program, participants continue to receive support through follow-up sessions.

Organisations have the flexibility to tailor the program according to their specific requirements. They can choose to remove elements of the program, such as the immersion experience and field trips, and focus solely on the training component.

This flexibility allows organisations to customise the program to best suit the needs and preferences of their participants and align with their budget and resource constraints.

By offering a customisable program tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs our program aims to empower participants to grow in the global marketplace.

Through collaboration with government or organisational partners, funding can be provided to support groups of participants on specific cohorts aligned with targeted events or trade activities, thereby maximising the impact of the program.