An Introduction to Outside Firms that Offer IT and Cybersecurity Support

09.04.2021 Lisa McAuley
An Introduction to Outside Firms that Offer IT and Cybersecurity Support

Like many small businesses, you’ve come to the conclusion that you need outside information technology (IT) and cybersecurity support. Maybe you’ve been hearing about more cybersecurity breaches in the news. Maybe you know a company that had a ransomware attack. If you still are not sure whether you need help, take a look at the first guide in this series, “Should I Get Outside Support for Managing My Cybersecurity Risk?”

You realize that IT and cybersecurity are becoming business management “fundamentals” like finance and sales. But you don’t have the time to figure it all out. If you’re like most small business owners or managers, you may not be sure what kind of support you need or even what questions to ask. This series from the Cyber Readiness Institute’s Small Business Advisory Council will help guide you through the process of determining if you need outside help and how to get the help you need.

Always remember that ultimately, you are responsible for the cyber readiness of your organization. You can outsource certain functions, like installing software updates, but you are accountable for setting the policies, building a cyber ready culture, and satisfying any privacy and security compliance obligations.

As the threat of cyber attacks has escalated, so have the number and types of companies offering their assistance. It is a confusing market with overlapping service offerings and more acronyms than you can imagine.

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