COVID-19: Support measures

07.10.2020 Lisa McAuley
COVID-19: Support measures

The table of COVID-19 support measures shown below has been compiled by the WTO Secretariat. It is an informal situation report and an attempt to provide transparency with respect to support measures taken in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. It does not pass judgment on or question the right of WTO members to take such actions. The measures in the table are not categorized and no assessment of their potential relation to trade is made.

The table includes only information and measures communicated by delegations directly to the WTO Trade Monitoring Section in response to the request by the Director-General in March 2020 and Deputy Director-General Agah in September 2020. The table features measures only in the original language of the submission.

The list will be updated by the Secretariat as appropriate, including in connection with the year-end Trade Monitoring Report. Delegations are invited to provide new information as well as update existing information on support measures which have been taken in response to the pandemic. We encourage members to promptly provide updated information on these and other measures as appropriate, including through notifications to the relevant WTO committees.

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