Engagement Opportunity: GTPA Inclusive Trade White Paper

18.06.2019 Lisa McAuley

The Global Trade Professionals Alliance is developing an Inclusive Trade White Paper that will produce practical recommendations on how capacity building and standard setting can facilitate a more inclusive international trading ecosystem.

Inclusive trade refers to the principle that all levels of society should gain from increased trade. It promotes the inclusion of groups that may currently be marginalised or challenged in their ability to engage with international trading opportunities. The Paper focuses on four of these groups - gender, youth, diaspora and indigenous communities – and the importance of standards and capacity building to support their engagement in international trading opportunities. It focuses on a few countries and regions with particular strengths in these areas, but is global in outlook. The Paper will produce recommendations to benefit organisations, institutions and individual professionals engaged in international trade.

We are undertaking stakeholder engagement over the coming months in the production of this White Paper with parties with significant experience and knowledge of engaging with these societal groups from a trade perspective.

If you are interested in participating and have unique knowledge or perspectives to share on these issues, or for more information, please get in touch with us at info@gtpalliance.com.

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