Springboard your career today in Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance as GTPA launches brand new ISO certified programme in Singapore

10.09.2018 Lisa McAuley
Springboard your career today in Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance as GTPA launches brand new ISO certified programme in Singapore

GTPA is a new global trade ecosystem to advance and support businesses, trade organisations and professionals engaged in global trade. GTPA is the only organisation globally to develop the international standard for certifying trade professionals. The Global Trade Professional (GTP) Programme, has been developed under ISO/IEC 17024, for the certification of professional competence in the field of global trade. Our goal is to bring people together to build professional capabilities in trade, elevate the profile of trade, advocate the benefits and opportunities of trade, facilitate networking at a global level as well as to improve the performance and success of companies in global trade which will in turn boost the efficiency of trade processes.

Lisa McAuley, Executive Director of the GTPA said “In December 2017 we launched the first specialisation for Trade Management and today the GTPA is absolutely delighted to launch the very important specialisation of Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance with a pathway for trade finance experts from a Practitioner level all the way through to Executive level.”

The original goal of the GTPA was to recognise individual professional competence in global trade and drive continuous professional development within business, industry, government, and trade professionals as well as employees working within global businesses. The GTPA also seeks to ensure that there is a structured career path for trade finance professionals that will ultimately drive a globally trusted network across global businesses, industry, government and supporting trade professionals from organizations that support global business growth.

“80% or more of global merchandise trade flows today depend on some form of trade financing, either traditional mechanisms, or fast-growing Supply Chain Finance. Awareness of this critical enabling role in support of trade, trade-based development and economic inclusion is increasing, and the timing for an ISO-aligned, progressive certification in trade finance and SCF is perfect”, notes Alexander R. Malaket, CITP, CTFP, GTP (E), Chair of the GTPA International and Technical Advisory Committee. “This is particularly true in light of a global shortage of trade finance expertise and the need to attract the next generation of practitioners to this domain”, says Malaket.

GTPA as a platform will now provide global recognition of the competencies of trade finance professionals across geopolitical boundaries. Lisa McAuley, CEO of the GTPA said “building a standard for global trade and supply chain professionals under the ISO/IEC 17024 frame work provides a global pathway for employment by identifying both technically competent individuals to organisations that are driven by professional competency and vice versa. The competency framework has been compiled with rigour to facilitate a range of domain specialisations and certification levels but to also provide flexibility to account for regional, economic and cultural nuances.

The GTPA is pleased to also announce that in the development of this specialisation we have collaborated with the University of Offenburg.

Professor Andreas Klasen, Head of the Institute for Trade and Innovation at Offenburg University: “We are excited about the opportunity to work with GTPA. Our postgraduate programme in Export Finance and Trade Credit Insurance designed for professionals in trade and supply chain finance can be an excellent basis for this specialisation. Participants thus can learn from leading practitioners and renowned academics how to put academic thinking and business strategies into professional practice."

Launching as part of GTR‘s Asia Trade & Treasury Week in Singapore, GTPA is now delighted to invite all trade finance and supply chain finance professionals, including trade finance institutions who can NOW prepare for the upcoming launch of ISO 17065 to certify global consulting services and solutions by supporting ISO/IEC 17024 certification for their employees.

Information can be found on the GTPA website at www.gtpalliance.com.