The 2024/2025 Festival of Inclusive Trade: Inclusion through Engagement

04.04.2024 Lisa McAuley, CEO
The 2024/2025 Festival of Inclusive Trade:  Inclusion through Engagement

Set for mid-2024 and 2025, the Festival of Inclusive Trade, an initiative of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA), seeks to transform the trade landscape, employing a hybrid model that blends physical and virtual elements. This approach aims to cultivate stronger connections, collaborations, and opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all participants. The festival will take participants on a transformative journey: online from July to December 2024, and through a range of immersive events in Australia in March 2025.

Equitable trade Initiatives form the backbone of our vision, emphasising fairness, transparency, and ethics. The Festival of Inclusive Trade is an advocate of responsible trade practices that benefit everyone, ensuring a fair and just global trade environment.

The festival prioritises the success of the next generation of business leaders, offering them a platform to unlock their potential. Young entrepreneurs will be exposed to the strategies and resources essential for scaling their businesses internationally, while being invited to share their own experiences and world views.

Ageism is a major inhibiting factor in workplace inclusion. The festival will celebrate age-Inclusive enterprises for their ability to challenge ageism and foster intergenerational collaboration, while at the same time emphasising the need for an inclusive approach across all age groups to foster forward thinking and success in international trade.

The festival will also engage with diaspora communities, highlighting the impact these communities have on global trade, while also helping them to leverage their unique cultural ties, perspectives and market knowledge to capitalise on increased global opportunities.

Minority-owned businesses will be given a platform to break barriers, showcase talents, and amplify their voices on a global stage. The festival celebrates diversity as a strength, providing opportunities for these businesses to shine.

The festival will ensure that Indigenous enterprises receive the recognition and support they deserve, highlighting their unique place in the global trade ecosystem. There will be an emphasis on the traditions and innovations of First Nations businesses and their role in improving overall business culture.

Persons with disabilities are integral to our vision of an inclusive economy. The festival is committed to creating accessible trade opportunities, ensuring that every business has the chance to thrive.

The festival acknowledges climate-impacted businesses for promoting sustainability and championing eco-friendly practices for a better future. It will also strive to provide support mechanisms for these businesses to better navigate global trade challenges.

This is an invitation to be part of something extraordinary. The Festival of Inclusive Trade builds bridges, forges partnerships, and helps to shape a future where inclusive trade benefits everyone.

We welcome organisations interested in collaborating with the GTPA to reach out to help us shape the Festival of Inclusive Trade. Whether it’s through organising events, hosting fireside chats, or organizing delegations, there are numerous opportunities to partner with us in making a significant impact in the world of inclusive trade.

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