Course Type: Risk management

The FIU CONNECT (Terrorist Financing) training program from ManchesterCF has been developed to assist financial services firms bolster their defences and prevent misuse by people or entities linked to terrorism.

Financial intelligence is a critical factor in safeguarding nations against the threats posed by modern terrorist organisations. Patterns of terrorist financing and resourcing can emerge within transactions and relationships managed by financial institutions.

As a result, the information that streams from reporting entities into a nation’s financial intelligence unit is of critical importance to law enforcement and the intelligence community. As reporting entities, financial institutions and their FIUs play a key role in ATF campaigns.

Those found to be lacking in their ATF regimes can incur immense fines and disastrous reputational damage. If financial institutions and FIUs are to implement the kind of robust risk-based strategy that regulatory authorities demand, they must first gain a full understanding of the broad and complex terrorist resourcing context, as well as the fundamental mechanics of terrorist financing.

The training program is designed from an international perspective. It provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative environment that informs ATF efforts, details case studies about the diverse resourcing methods used by terrorist organisations around the world and outlines the red flags that can reveal their financing networks.

Regulators are demanding increased attention to detail within a financial institution’s AML/ATF training. ManchesterCF’s solutions meet then exceed those expectations.


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