Multiculturalism & diversity are good for business

Multicultural and diverse societies are more creative, innovative and inclusive.  Similarly, diversity in business leads to increased creativity, innovation, better customer understanding, better decisions and greater thought leadership.

So why do some organisations still shy away from diversity and inclusion?

This fireside chat will examine multiculturalism and diversity and why including both makes sound business sense.

The Hon. Philip Dalidakis is a highly regarded and accomplished leader, who has delivered outstanding results across business, government and the not-for-profit sector.

Currently, Philip is the Managing Partner of Orizontas, a high level advisory firm that creates opportunities for clients by delivering sensible, workable solutions to increasingly complex business challenges. The firm specialises in the areas of climate change, corporate affairs (brand management/protection, internal/external/crisis communication, government & regulatory affairs, public affairs) and cross border commerce.

Prior to leading Orizontas, Philip was the Executive General Manager, Corporate Services at Australia Post where he was responsible for managing, enhancing, and protecting its reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted brands and was a Member of the Victorian Parliament from 2014 to 2019 where he served as Victoria’s Minister for Innovation & the Digital Economy, Trade & Investment and Small Business from July 2015 to December 2018. 

Philip created a bold vision for Victoria as a leading biotech, innovation & technology hub across the Asia Pacific, where he executed a strategy that attracted APAC/ANZ head offices of global tech companies such as GoPro, Hired, Slack, Square, Stripe & Zendesk into Melbourne. Philip also implemented a cybersecurity strategy that led to the creation of the Oceania Cyber Security Centre & several critical international MoUs between Victoria, the United States & Israel.

Philip Dalidakis

Philip Dalidakis

Multiculturalism & diversity are good for business
  • 20-Oct-21
  • 6pm (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Fireside chat
  • Live Events,
  • The Hon Philip Diladakis