Bridging Communities, Building Better Futures!

03.04.2024 Lisa McAuley, CEO
Bridging Communities, Building Better Futures!

The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) is thrilled to announce the plans for our upcoming Festival of Inclusive Trade, following the unprecedented success of our virtual events.

Set for mid-2024 and 2025, the festival seeks to transform the trade landscape, employing a hybrid model that blends physical and virtual elements. This approach aims to cultivate stronger connections, collaborations, and opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all participants. The festival will take participants on a transformative journey: online from July to December 2024, and through a range of immersive events in March 2025.

The two-week 2025 Festival of Inclusive Trade will be anchored in one of Australia’s vibrant capital cities, offering both physical events and online activities. A key goal of the festival is bridging the gap between remote communities worldwide and the epicentres of global trade. This will be done by actively engaging with participants based in non-metropolitan areas.

The festival serves as a rallying point for all advocates of inclusive and sustainable trade practices. Our invitation extends to a wide range of participants who traditionally may not have shared in the benefits of international trade.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are at the forefront of our agenda, with a focus on providing them with the tools, resources, and connections necessary to elevate their global presence. The festival is designed to facilitate their expansion and diversification, while highlighting their achievements and capabilities.

We recognise that SMEs cannot operate in isolation. That’s why Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are invited to take an active role in the festival. The festival will provide opportunities for these corporations to engage in the conversation around constructing fair, transparent, and inclusive supply chains that drive positive change across industries.

The festival will offer specific opportunities for women-owned businesses to step onto the global stage, highlighting to benefits of gender equality, while fostering women’s entrepreneurship.

The festival will delve into pressing issues such as traceability in agriculture, AI’s role in inclusive trade, climate solutions, sustainable supply chains, digital trade, and e-commerce. These themes are carefully selected to reflect the current global trade landscape and to address the challenges and opportunities it presents.

We welcome organisations interested in collaborating with the GTPA to reach out to help us shape the Festival of Inclusive Trade. Whether it’s through organising events, hosting fireside chats, or organizing delegations, there are numerous opportunities to partner with us in making a significant impact in the world of inclusive trade.

Contact Information:

For more information on contributing to the festival program, please contact our Festival Director, Collins Rex, at For partnership inquiries, please reach out to our CEO, Lisa McAuley, at