Climate Smart Business Program

24.04.2024 Lisa McAuley, ceo
Climate Smart Business Program

The Climate Smart Business Program equips leaders with essential skills to navigate climate challenges in today's global marketplace. 

Offering interactive courses, hands-on labs, and immersive field trips, the program addresses key topics like trade and climate change, sustainable supply chain management, and green finance. 

Tailored for executives, policymakers, and industry professionals, participants gain actionable strategies to integrate climate-smart practices into business operations. 

By networking with experts and peers, attendees foster collaborations driving sustainability and business growth. 

With flexible delivery options, including workshops and webinars, join us in shaping a climate-resilient future. 

Organisations play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. Discover how you can support your teams in joining a tailored Climate Smart Business Program for your business network. 

Together, let's empower leaders to navigate climate challenges and drive positive change. Contact us for more information today at