Emerging sustainability standards - How SCM scholars can get involved.

15.06.2019 Lisa McAuley
Emerging sustainability standards - How SCM scholars can get involved.

The GTPA is delighted to join Dayna Simpson from Monash University, Anne Quarshie from LUT University of Technology (Finland) and Zhaohui Wu from Oregon State University as part of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management to host a session on Emerging sustainability standards - How SCM scholars can get involved. This cafe session will be an informal discussion in relation to new ISO standards relevant to transparency and chain-of-custody, and how sustainable SCM can be incorporated in these standards.

The intent to engage scholars in exploring research opportunities with GPTA. Areas of interests include Chain of Custody (CoC), product safety and security, social impact, environmental impacts and regulatory compliance.

The session will appeal to scholars working on environmental and social issues in supply chains and the role of standards.

The GTPA has established two sets of ISO/IEC standards to certify global trade professionals (under ISO/IEC 17024), as well as global consulting services and global trading businesses (under ISO/IEC 17065).

Additionally, the GTPA is currently working toward developing standardisation in the field of chain of custody as it relates to sustainable global supply chains.

GTPA is one of the stakeholders who are working with Standards Australia in developing standards to represent Australian interests and highlight the need for standardisation in the area of CoC by participation on the ISO committee.

The overall aim of these certification programs is to give confidence to all interested parties that they are dealing with counterparts who engage in trusted international business processes, whether they be individuals or international trading businesses.

Event details

Date: Sunday, Aug 11

Time: 10am - 11am

Venue: Westin Copley Place, Boston in Defender